Sunday, February 26, 2012 at 1:55PM
Gary Leavitt

Earth Bistro

Earth Bistro is a family run restaurant that is operated with honesty and integrity. We are happy to have them as a customer, and to supply them (and their customers) with our 100% Certified Organic Basil that is Aquaponically grown. You can now order online by visiting their website. Also, why not stop in for a bite to eat on your next trip to Trader Joe's? Better yet, plan your trip to Trader Joe's around your meal at Earth Bistro. You'll be glad you did!

Real food from real people. At last! Restaurants can use the words, "natural", "healthy", "real cheese", "pure" and "Organic" (even though they only have one Organic item on their menu). These words are not regulated, so false and misleading marketing seems to be the "rule", and honesty the "exception".

SEASONED SKIN-ON FRIES THAT ARE OVEN-BAKEDEarth Bistro, uses some of the very same words. The difference? These words accurately describe their food! They also legitimately use other words to describe their food such as, "vegan", "gluten free", "grass fed", "hormone free", "free range", "fresh", "seasonal", "local", "homemade", made from scratch", and "pure".

PERSONAL SIZE VEGAN PIZZATheir location used to house the vegan-friendly Pizza Fusion from the same owners, who are actually vegan themselves. They changed up the menu a bit and added build-your-own burgers, pizzas and oven fries. The menu is omni but clearly contains lots of vegan options, as well as many gluten free options. They use organic ingredients as much as possible and do their best to source local produce.

VEGGIE BURGER WITH GLUTTEN-FREE BUNYou most likely will not find the following choices on the menu at your local Pizza chain restaurant: Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms, Organic Soup (made from scratch), Pear and Feta Salad (with candied walnuts), Grilled Veggie Sandwich, Portabello Sandwich (with fresh Mozzarella and Pesto), and a Spinach and Artichoke Pizza. You definitely won't find Organic and gluten-free crusts on their pizzas.

We have been purchasing Certified Organic aquaponic basil from De Luz Farms & Nursery for several years now. We are amazed at how fresh it stays for the week, and how well it maintains its flavor. We use only what is needed for each order and have almost no waste. It is kept out in the kitchen on a shelf and we add water to the container every couple of days as needed to keep it fresh. Our customers like the fact that we have local Certified Organic basil available for them as well. ~ Nima and Carrie Noorzad

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